Plan a Getaway on a Budget

Are you wondering how to fit a romantic getaway into your budget this year? Many people are shifting their budgets to accommodate inflation and economic changes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic weekend away.

Check out these tips to plan a romantic Big Bear vacation, without breaking the bank.

Choose the Right Place to Stay

The place you stay can make the biggest impact on the budget of your trip. For example, when you stay in a hotel, you will likely need to eat out for every meal. If you choose a vacation rental, however, you can enjoy cooking from your rental to save a little cash.

Our romantic tiny house is the perfect place to stay when you are looking for a luxurious stay that provides the opportunity to cook at home. The cabin also features included entertainment that won’t cost another dime, like the brand new hot tub or the HDTVs.

Seek out Free Entertainment

Big Bear is filled with free entertainment. The gorgeous rustic setting offers hikes and outdoor recreation opportunities that provide an opportunity to enjoy the refreshing mountain air together. Looking to plan a hike or two during your weekend? Check out this list of some of the best hikes in Big Bear.

Shop for Groceries at Home

Before heading up the mountain, bring some things from home to save on vacation expenses. Rather than buying groceries in Big Bear, pack a cooler with the ingredients for your favorite meal and plan to cook together in our fully equipped cabin kitchen.

A weekend getaway is a perfect time to slow down and learn a new recipe. Turn on your favorite music, crack open a bottle of wine, and take your time in the kitchen. Try recreating a sentimental meal, like the eggs Benedict from your first date at that brunch spot or the hors d’oeuvres you served at your wedding.

Enjoy A Little Friendly Competition

Did you know experts recommend play and friendly competition to keep a strong connection with your partner? Playful banter, adrenaline rushes, and relaxing as you get to feel like a kid again are a great way to unwind and connect.

There are plenty of ways to do just that during your weekend getaway. No matter your personalities, hobbies, and preferences, there are plenty of ways to connect with games and competitions in Big Bear.

Try one of these ideas:

  • Bring a 2 person game like checkers, Blokus, Scrabble, or backgammon
  • Workout together
  • Pack a deck of cards
  • Go mountain biking

Don’t Pack the Schedule

One of the ways people overspend on a getaway is by filling the itinerary with too many things to do. Leave time to relax together, going for a walk or simply talking and relaxing in the hot tub. There is no reason to pack every minute of your trip with something to do.

Not only will this save on your overall budget, but you may find that this way of vacationing is far more refreshing. Put the focus of your romantic mountain getaway on spending quality time together rather than visiting all the sights, and you’ll see just how little you need to spend to have a dream weekend away.

Ready to plan your Big Bear getaway? Check out our availability to begin.

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