5 Important Tips for Airbnb Guests

5 Important Tips for Airbnb Guests

One of Airbnb’s best features is the fact that guests can review hosts, but hosts can also review guests. This unique feature contributes to the safety and quality of the Airbnb experience.

Here are our 5 Important Tips for Airbnb Guests

As a guest, there are a few things you can do to ensure an excellent rating from your host. Keep reading for out top tips for Airbnb guests.

1. Read the entire cleaning and checkout guidelines5 Important Tips for Airbnb Guests

Don’t assume that you know what your host expects before you checkout, even if you have been an Airbnb guest many times before. Ever y host will have a different expectation, so the best thing to do is to carefully read the entire cleaning and checkout guidelines. This includes respecting the property’s checkout time!

2. Tell your host how many guests are staying

Help your host tailor the experience by being clear about how many guests will be staying. Many guests leave the reservation at “1” guest staying, either without thinking or intentionally hoping to avoid a fee. However, this sets your host up for failure when they haven’t provided you with the proper amount of towels, snacks, or drinks.

Make sure to tell your host how many guests are staying, even if it means paying a slightly higher price, to be sure you have the best experience and to avoid a negative review when your host figures out you weren’t honest.

3. Be a friendly guest

Feel free to share with your host why you are in the area or what made you choose their property. While this isn’t necessary, opening the door for friendly communication will allow the host to showcase true hospitality, and will often build a more personal connection that results in an excellent review.

In some cases, a host will be excited to learn about a special occasion you are celebrating with your trip, and add some special touches to contribute. One of the best perks of choosing an Airbnb over a hotel is the personalized experience guests enjoy, and the more you communicate the more opportunities you give your host to wow you!

4. Treat the property like a friend’s house

If you stayed at a friend’s house on a trip, would you leave a mess behind? Simple tasks at the end of your stay make a big difference. You can leave a lovely last impression by being aware of things like:

  • Disposing of leftover food in the fridge
  • Placing decorative items back
  • Leaving kitchen items where you found them
  • Making sure all furniture is in the same place it was when you arrived (this includes putting a sleeper sofa back together)

Of course you need to follow the checkout list, but any little task you do to go beyond that will be noticed by your host, and likely will be reflected in their review of you.

5. Leave an Airbnb review

Take a few minutes to leave a review for your host. The best Airbnb reviews include information that will help future guests decide if this is the right property for them, and provide helpful feedback to the host at the same time.

A few things to include in your review include:

  • How many people stayed, and whether the property was comfortable for that number of people. Comment on things like seating, towels, and dishes. For example, “There were five adults in the property and we had plenty of space to all hang out on the patio together!” or “We let our host know there would be 6 adults staying and she made sure there were plenty of towels and drinking glasses to accommodate us.”
  • The ages of the guests in your party, and how the property suited them. If you are staying with children, it is helpful to both your host and potential future guests to comment on how the property accommodated them. Mention how family-friendly it was, including safety features, kid-friendly dishes, and sleeping arrangements. You might also mention if a property was particularly comfortable for an elderly guest.
  • Share the occasion of your stay, and how the property did or didn’t work for it. Different properties are best suited for different occasions. Mention whether you were celebrating an anniversary with a romantic getaway, taking a family vacation, or spending a weekend away with the girls. This will help potential guests know whether the property is right for their plans, as well as let the host know who to best market their property to.
  • Don’t be afraid to go into detail. By just taking an extra couple of minutes, you can go into detail about what you loved (or didn’t love) about the property and provide a review with significantly more value for the host and potential guests. Avoid things like “We had a great time and the property was clean,” which doesn’t give the reader enough information to learn anything of much consequence.
  • Consider private feedback. Before leaving a negative review publicly, consider reaching out to the host privately to find out whether there was a miscommunication. The host will greatly appreciate your discretion and is likely going to thank you with an excellent review or another perk.


With the right tips, you’re ready to build a cache of impressive reviews as an Airbnb guest. To book your next stay, check out our beautifully designed Airbnb properties! in Big Bear or Havasu City. thank you for reading our 5 Important Tips for Airbnb Guests