How to Plan a Memorable Weekend Getaway

How to Plan a Memorable Weekend Getaway – Thinking about planning a weekend getaway? We have a few tricks to help you plan one that is romantic and memorable, something you and your special someone will be talking about for years to come.

Making the weekend special does not always require grand gestures or a big expense; simply planning ahead with a few details can make all the difference.How to Plan a Memorable Weekend Getaway

How to Plan a Memorable Weekend Getaway

Where to Stay

The first, and possibly most important, step is to find the place to stay. Might we suggest our romantic cabin in Big Bear? With the perfect mountain setting that provides privacy and a beautiful backdrop, the cabin has everything you need to enjoy each others company is total comfort.

Our cabins features luxury bedding, a fully equipped kitchen, big HDTVs with streaming services, a hot tub, and concierge service. Our convenient Big Bear location allows you the peaceful setting of being away in the mountains, alone in a cabin, with all the dining, shopping, and entertainment of Big Bear just minutes away. With brand new A/C and a cozy fireplace to enjoy, you will love this romantic tiny home any time of year.

Stay Focused on Each Other

The quickest way to ruin a romantic weekend getaway is to get distracted by something you should have left at home. As much as possible, leave everything but each other back at home so you can focus. Turn off your notifications for work emails and texts, and take the time to give your partner your full attention.

Get Outside

Playing outside together is one of the best ways to connect, and where better to do just that than in a beautiful mountain town? Whatever season you visit Big Bear, you will find plenty to do. Big Bear Lake is perfect for taking out a paddle boat, canoe, kayak, or paddle board. You can also fish in the lake or just enjoy a picnic on the shores. The mountain is full of thrills all winter long for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, and when the snow melts there is still plenty to hiking to be had. Don’t forget the Mountain Coaster and Alpine Slide!

Make a Packing List

Before you leave for the trip, make a list on your phone of everything you brought. This is a great reference when you are packing up to leave to help you make sure nothing gets left behind. We know this tip isn’t unique to a romantic getaway, but it sure will help keep you from the leaving the trip on a low note when you are stressed about leaving something behind.

Take the Time to Rest

Big Bear has so many things to do, see, and taste that it would be easy to spend the whole weekend out doing something. Make sure you take the time to rest and connect, remembering the real reason you are on the trip in the first place: each other.

Schedule in a slow morning sleeping in or an afternoon back at the cabin between hiking and dining out. You will love the slow pace and the time to enjoy just being together. Our concierge service can even pick up the groceries you need to stay in and cook dinner together!

Take Plenty of Photos

Make sure to take plenty of photos of every detail of the trip. Pictures of your partner, selfies together, and snapshots of the details you want to remember will all bring back warm memories when you look at them later. Of course you want to live in the moment, but don’t forget to document along the way.

Ready to plan your getaway? Check our availability and start by booking the coziest romantic tiny home you’ve ever seen.

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