6 Tips for Planning a Surprise Romantic Getaway

6 Tips for Planning a Surprise Romantic Getaway

6 Tips for Planning a Surprise Romantic Getaway – Traveling together is one of the best ways to celebrated a special occasion or keep your romance alive. Have you ever surprised your partner by making all the plans for a weekend away? If you’re ready to start planning a surprise romantic getaway, we have 6 tips to get you started.

6 Tips for Planning a Surprise Romantic Getaway

1. Clear the calendar

The first thing you should do is clear your calendar. This might require some creative sneaking around, depending on your unique situation. If possible, talk with your partner’s boss and ask if they can leave early on a Friday or have a Monday off. If you have kids, make sure to make (secret) arrangements for them, too.

Don’t forget to emphasize to everyone you ask for help, whether a supervisor or a babysitter, to keep their lips sealed!

2. Choose a location

Once you have cleared a weekend on the calendar, it’s time to choose a location. Think of somewhere near enough to travel easily, with comfortable and romantic accommodations and plenty to do nearby. Big Bear is just hours from anywhere in Southern California, and we know the perfect place to stay.

Our romantic tiny home has everything you need for a luxurious and romantic weekend away. The cabin offers privacy, set among large, beautiful trees. Guests enjoy luxury bedding, a fully equipped kitchen, large TVs with streaming services, an outdoor hot tub, and concierge service.

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3. Plan some activities

Big Bear is a great place to visit because there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you want to plan a romantic picnic, consider sitting on the shores of Big Bear Lake or taking a boat out on the water. For an adrenaline rush, check out the Alpine Slide toboggan hill or Mineshaft Coaster.

Maybe picking flowers or going on a hike is more your speed. Big Bear has plenty of places to wander among beautiful flowers, including Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve or Bluff Lake Reserve.

If you visit during a hot summer weekend, check out the lake. You can rent a pontoon boat or kayak to take a leisurely spin around the lake, or try a jet ski or stand up paddle board for something more adventurous. You will find what you need at one of the six marinas in Big Bear:

4. Make dinner reservations

While you can of course have your concierge service deliver groceries to cook together in the cabin, you might want to dine out at least once. Big Bear has a variety of wonderful restaurants, including The Pines Lakefront. With views of sparkling Big Bear Lake and both indoor and outdoor dining, it is a memorable location that has been a local favorite for years.

5. Pack your bags (and maybe even your partner’s)

Packing your bags for the trip can be tricky, especially if you are still hoping to surprise them. If you are concerned you might miss something, leave a little time for your partner to pack their own bag before you leave.

Leaving the kids with someone? Make sure to pack their bags, too. This way, once your surprise is revealed, everything is ready to go.

6. Organize a unique reveal

Think of a fun way to surprise your partner and reveal the romantic weekend plans. Consider dropping hints until they ask you what’s going on, or giving them a gift they will need for the trip. If you are feeling extra creative, make a scavenger hunt or series of clues leading up to your reservations for the Love Shack and a sweet note.

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