Will I Have Enough Space in the Cabin?

Will I Have Enough Space in the Cabin? – – Our romantic tiny home in Big Bear is just 436 square feet, so is it enough space? We are confident you will have a 5-star experience in our petite cabin. If you are not yet convinced, keep reading to find out why you should stay in a tiny home for your next romantic getaway.

Will I Have Enough Space in the Cabin?

1. It’s actually more space than most hotel rooms.Will I Have Enough Space

You probably wouldn’t think twice about booking a hotel room for a romantic weekend away. Our tiny home is similar in size, but the amenities and privacy you enjoy as a tiny home guest far exceed what you can expect in a typical hotel room.

Some of the amenities we offer that you wouldn’t find in your average hotel room are:

  • Fully equipped kitchen, including all the necessary dishes and cookware plus spices, coffee makers, and a blender
  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • Concierge service to arrange lift tickets, taxi service, or grocery drop off
  • Fireplace
  • Grill
  • Private hot tub

In addition to the amenities, you will enjoy the peace, quiet, and privacy of living in a totally detached unit. Sometimes all your relationship needs is a little time away, totally alone. In the mood for a romantic dip in the hot tub? You can count on having it all to yourself, something you can’t say for sure in a hotel. Our cabin, which we have affectionately dubbed the “Love Shack,” will give you just that.

2. Just think about the pictures you’ll take!

Our Love Shack is beautifully designed, with an abundance of places to snap the perfect picture. We know you want to remember your sweet weekend away, especially if it’s where you’ll be celebrating a special anniversary or popping an important question. Make sure those photos are as beautiful as can be by choosing a photogenic location. In the Love Shack, every room has been designed to be the perfect photo backdrop, with an on-trend color palette, and furniture that beautifully combines form and function. Light a fire for the perfect ambiance, or capture the beautiful morning mountain light peeking through the windows.

Check out our gallery or our Instagram feed to see just how beautiful it is!

3. You can test out living tiny.

Living in tiny homes full time has been a growing trend in recent years. If you have wondered if it might be right for you, why not test it out by booking a stay in ours? Many guests are pleasantly surprised at how spacious and livable our cozy 436 square feet feel. With a fully equipped kitchen, living room with a fireplace, luxurious bed, and an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional, you might be surprised to find that the Love Shack has everything you need in a home sweet home. Just don’t be surprised if you fall head over heels for living tiny; our tiny home has a way of charming its way into everyone’s heart.

4. You’ll spend more time relaxing and enjoying each other.

By renting our tiny home, you will spend less time parking, checking in to get your hotel keys, carting luggage up an elevator, heading to the lobby for breakfast, and tuning out your hotel neighbors and more time enjoying your special time away. Park right in front of the tiny home, with our easily accessible property. Check right in and make yourself at home. When you want a coffee, we have multiple ways to brew one just steps from your bed.

Have we convinced you yet? If you are ready to book your romantic getaway in Big Bear, check our availability to book your stay today.

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