7 Things to Do in Lake Havasu

7 Things to Do in Lake Havasu

7 Things to Do in Lake Havasu – The Place is our brand new vacation home ready to host you in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Not sure what there is to do in Lake Havasu? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Lake Havasu is known as a boating paradise, located on the border or Arizona and California with hot sunny weather that is perfect for playing on the water. Whether you want to get the adrenaline pumping with adventure sports or you’d rather relax and work on your tan, Lake Havasu has everything you need to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Keep reading for 7 Things to Do in Lake Havasu, and when you are ready to book your trip, remember that your perfect accommodations have already been found.

7 Things to Do in Lake Havasu

Visit the London Bridge

The London Bridge (yes, the one from the nursery rhyme) was dismantled in 1968 and reconstructed in Arizona. It is the largest antique to ever be sold, and a must-see while in Lake Havasu. London Bridge is located in the English Village, and visitors like to take a tour through the hollow bridge to the iconic love lock tradition on the top of it. Visit the iconic bridge and make a life long memory.

Go Fishing

Lake Havasu is an amazing place to fish, a favorite with anglers in the area. Though the lake is known as the perfect place for water sports, there are multiple fishing docks and no wake zones to preserve peaceful fishing waters. You can fish in the lake all year long, with mild winters that are warm enough to keep the waters teeming with life. If you are new to fishing or new to the area, consider hiring a fishing guide or renting a boat to make the most of your first time out.

Take a Hike

Hiking in Lake Havasu will take your breath away, with multiple trails in the area that are absolutely stunning. You will find nature trails for a peaceful walk, extremely challenging hikes that take most of the day, and everything in between. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen to stay protected in the hot desert climate. If you are visiting in the summer, make sure to plan your hike for early in the morning before the sun is too hot.

Play a Round of Golf

In and around Lake Havasu, you will find multiple golf courses to enjoy. The sunny Arizona climate makes for year round golfing, and there are courses to accommodate every skill level in the area.

Visit a Brewery

After a day on the lake or out hiking, a cold craft beer will hit the spot. Visit Mudshark Brewery and Public House to grab a local craft beer to bring back to The Place, or stay for dinner to check out their mouth watering menu featuring dishes like fire roasted brussel sprouts, Billy the Goat pizza, and a mudzookie for dessert.

Check Out a Local Casino

If you’re in the mood for a little risk taking, visit Havasu Landing Resort & Casino. A ferry runs across the lake to take guests to and from the casino every hour, since it is located on the California side of the lake.

Spend the Day on the Lake

Of course, the main event when you visit is the lake. Lake Havasu is known as the jet ski capital of America, the perfect place to rent a boat or some jet skis and play on the water. Whether you rent a boat or bring your own, you will love getting out on the beautiful water with your wakeboard, water skis, jet skis, paddle board, or snorkeling gear.

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