Why People Love Visiting Lake Havasu in the Winter

Why People Love Visiting Lake Havasu in the Winter – Lake Havasu is known as a Spring Break and Summer Vacation destination, but it really is a great place to visit no matter the time of year. In fact, many locals say that the best summer you’ll ever have is winter in Lake Havasu. This is because you can enjoy a chilly evening around a fire, but the daytime is still warm and sunny enough to enjoy all the beautiful outdoor recreation and attractions in town.

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Now, back to some of the reasons Why People Love Visiting Lake Havasu in the Winter

Perfect Hiking Weather


The climate in Lake Havasu during the winter makes exploring the many amazing hiking trails ideal. Warm enough to keep you comfortable, the winter temps are a a relief from scorching summer temps that make long hikes pretty grueling.

From November to February in Lake Havasu, the average temperatures range from 46 to 74 degrees. Not only is this perfect for hiking, but really anything you want to enjoy outside. Lake Havasu is also the perfect place to go fishing, rent an ATV, or explore for some breathtaking landscapes to photograph.

Smaller Crowds

The busiest times to visit Lake Havasu are Spring and Summer, when everyone flocks to the lake for water sports, Spring Break trips, and enjoying the heat. If crowds are not your thing, you will love the more peaceful atmosphere of Lake Havasu in the winter. There are still plenty of things to do, with most restaurants and stores staying open all year round in spite of the busy season ending, but you won’t have to deal with anywhere near the same traffic, late night noise, or lively crowds as you would during the warmer months.

You Can Still Enjoy the Lake

Lake Havasu, the boating capital of the Southwest, is the perfect place to enjoy the water in the winter. While the water temps will be too cold to swim, rent a boat or some kayaks to explore the beautiful water when it’s less crowded. If you are confident you won’t fall in, try a stand up paddle board for a scenic workout!


As you explore the lake, channel, and river, you will see 27 historic lighthouses from around the country lining the borders. You might like booking a cruise to take a guided tour of the area and learn about the historic and photogenic lighthouses, explore caves, and maybe even spot some wildlife.

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Why People Love Visiting Lake Havasu in the Winter

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