8 Reasons to Go Boating in Lake Havasu

8 Reasons to Go Boating in Lake Havasu

8 Reasons to Go Boating in Lake Havasu – Lake Havasu is the perfect place for a sunny vacation with plenty of water to cool off in. If you’re craving a boating vacation, check out these 8 reasons to choose Lake Havasu for your next trip.

8 Reasons to Go Boating in Lake Havasu

1. It is centrally located

Lake Havasu is centrally located along 60 continuous miles of lake and river waterways. It’s the ideal home base, with plenty of space to cruise and play in every direction.

2. Every kind of boating is available

Whatever type of boat you bring to the lake, you will be able to enjoy it. There are multiple fueling stations, marinas, and boat launches to keep things convenient. If you need to rent a boat, check out the extensive list of rental options in Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu accommodates house boats, high performance speed boats, pontoon boats, kayaks, and just about everything in between. Whether you are looking to fish, wake board, cruise around the lake, take your fishing boat our, or race on the water, Lake Havasu is the right spot.

3. We know the perfect place to stay

Finding the right place to stay is a major part of any vacation planning. We know the ideal spot. Our brand new construction home offers everything you need for a fun and comfortable stay in Lake Havasu, including:

  • 3 bedrooms, each with an HDTV
  • Pool
  • Above ground jacuzzi
  • Backyard BBQ island
  • Fully equipped modern kitchen
  • Eat in kitchen and dining table
  • Game room with pool table, juke box and arcade games
  • Regulation corn hole, putting green, and Bocce ball outside

4. The city offers plenty to eat and do

Lake Havasu is more than just a boating destination. After you dock the boat for the night, try any of the fun restaurants, breweries, or wineries in town. In the morning, there are plenty of family friendly breakfast spots to try. Grocery shopping and tracking down necessities is also easy, with a variety of retailers in town.

5. Water temps are perfect all summer

The average water temperature in Lake Havasu from May through September is 79 degrees. That means no only is the area perfect for boating, but also swimming, wake boarding, water skiing, or anything else that requires you to take a dip.

With a hot and sunny climate, the water is the perfect temp for cooling off and having fun. You won’t have to worry about the icy chill that many lakes bring to the table.

6. Lake Havasu won’t break the bank

Lake Havasu is one of the most affordable boating destination in the states. Without sacrificing fun, amenities, or comfort, you can save some major cash compared to other vacation destinations. It’s not every day that you can choose the budget friendly option without missing out on some of the perks of the higher cost option, but in Lake Havasu that’s exactly what you will experience.

7. You can check out a boat-in restaurant

When you aren’t dining in our gourmet eat-in kitchen, consider one of Lake Havasu’s boat-in restaurants. You’ll find everything from party bars to pizza to cheeseburgers, all letting you maximize your time on the water by cruising right up to the restaurant. Papa Leone’s Pizza will ever delivery onto your boat!

8. You are almost guaranteed to have great weather

Lake Havasu boasts 300 days of sunshine each year. This means you can plan your trip around your own schedules instead of the weather, since you are virtually guaranteed to have the sunshine and warmth you want for your boating vacation. Enjoy the pool back at your vacation house and the refreshing water in the lake and bring your perfect tan home with you at the end.

To book your dreamy Lake Havasu vacation, start by checking the availability of The Place.

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