5 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental instead of a Hotel

5 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental instead of a Hotel

Planning your next mountain getaway? There are plenty of options to consider as you choose where to stay for your trip. A vacation rental provides a uniquely comfortable experience. Keep reading for 10 reasons to choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel for your next Big Bear vacation.

Want to check out our romantic tiny home in Big Bear? With all the vacation amenities you need, including luxury bedding, a fully equipped kitchen, a private hot tub, and concierge service, it’s everything you’re looking for and more. Check our availability today to book your romantic getaway!

5 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental instead of a Hotel

1. Privacy

A vacation rental includes an inherent level of privacy that is unique from a hotel. Especially for a romantic getaway in the mountains, this is a major perk. In a hotel, you may have to deal with noise from your upstairs neighbors or the hospitality staff in the hallway. In a vacation rental, you get to enjoy the privacy and luxury of owning your own vacation home, without any of the expense and responsibility that comes with actually owning a vacation home.

At our Big Bear tiny home, you can enjoy having the entire property all to yourself during your stay, so that it’s just you and your special someone in the crisp mountain air enjoying the hot tub or sleeping in with the peaceful, quiet atmosphere around you.

2. Cook like you’re at home

When you stay in a vacation rental, you can choose to eat out or not. In a hotel, your options are limited to room service, a hotel lobby buffet, or heading out to a restaurant. While there are plenty of fun places to eat out in Big Bear, our guests love having the option of cooking inside the petite, yet fully equipped kitchen.

Plan to crack open a bottle of wine and learn how to cook your favorite meal together at your own pace, enjoying each other’s company while making a new memory and learning something new together.

3. Unique amenities

Vacation rentals tend to offer unique amenities to provide a special vacation experience that is set apart from a typical hotel experience. At our romantic Big Bear cabin, you can find out what tiny home living is all about and why it has caught on as such a major trend. Enjoy the hot tub all to yourself, plan a movie night in front of the fire, or ask the concierge service to set up a day on the slopes for you by securing your lift tickets.

4. Contactless check-in

A vacation rental offers contactless check-in, making it easy to arrive whenever is best for you and quickly make yourself right at home. This is also a major perk for our guests with unique health concerns or a desire for an added layer of privacy.

5. Diverse location

In most vacation destinations, the hotels are generally located all in the same area. A vacation rental, on the other hand, can be located anywhere. These creative, unique locations can make for special photo ops, easy access to your favorite local activities, or a quiet ambiance. Without being far from any of the amenities in Big Bear, our cabin offers a uniquely peaceful mountain setting that feels totally set apart from a busy vacation town.

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