Travel More in the New Year

As you consider what resolutions to make this year, perhaps traveling more is on the list. If you are looking for ways to add adventure, relaxation, and exploration to your life, resolving to travel more in the New Year is a great way to do just that.

One of the reasons many people do not travel as much as they would like to is that they define travel too narrowly. If you are imagining an overseas holiday that requires a couple of weeks of vacation time, lots of advance planning, and thousands of dollars, traveling more may feel out of reach.

By expanding your definition of traveling, you can make this resolution one that sticks (and one you may even decide to repeat next year!). Keep reading for our tips to make traveling more this year a reality.

Tips to Travel More in the New Year

1. Don’t wait for vacation time

If finding time to escape for a week or two feels out of reach because of limited vacation time, look for ways you can travel on weekends instead. If you live in Southern California, for example, you can easily get to a mountain getaway or a lakeside town to enjoy a fun weekend without taking any time off.

Even just 2 or 3 days away can scratch that travel itch, satisfying your craving for adventure and relaxation so that you can return to work refreshed. Redefine travel as any time you get to visit somewhere new, even if it isn’t very far away or a trip that lasts longer than a weekend.

2. Choose locations that you can drive to in a few hours

One of the biggest expenses involved in travel is transportation itself. Airfare and fuel can be one of the most influential roadblocks that keep people from making room for travel in their budget. To combat this, look for places you can drive to within a few hours and make a list of the ones you are interested in exploring.

3. Choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel

Vacation rentals are one of the most comfortable ways to travel, allowing you to experience a home away from home. There are quite a few benefits to staying in a vacation rental, including:

  • Conveniently travel with kids, enjoying the living areas after they go to bed (unlike a hotel where everyone needs to be quiet and in the dark after kids’ bedtimes)
  • More space to relax
  • The opportunity to cook at the rental instead of needing to find a restaurant for every meal
  • Additional amenities offered, like laundry, concierge service, or streaming services

4. Look for free and affordable attractions

When you travel, there are nearly always many free and affordable attractions nearby. Make sure you check out lists of things to do outside, historic landmarks, and favorite casual restaurants in the area to make travel fun, while remaining affordable.

Some of our favorite affordable vacation activities include:

  • Game night
  • Hiking
  • Trying a new coffee shop
  • Cooking a new meal together

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5. Master your packing skills

Packing for a trip doesn’t need to take all week. Master your packing skills so that you can travel often in the New Year by making a list of the things you always bring with you, so that you are always ready to pack quickly. Then all you need to do is add some climate specific clothing and a couple unique items, and you are ready to go!

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Travel More in the New Year