Planning a More Memorable Family Vacation

Planning a More Memorable Family Vacation – Are you looking ahead to the new year and hoping to plan a memorable family vacation? Building memories that will last a lifetime only takes a little more planning, and we have some tips to help.

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Next, check out these ideas to incorporate into your vacation planning and make this trip your most memorable yet.

Planning a More Memorable Family Vacation

1. Give each member of the family a way to document the trip

Think of a way that each member of the family can document the trip. If everyone has a smartphone, it might be as simple as all taking photos and uploading them into a group folder at the end of the trip. Another fun way to do this is by giving each kid an instant print camera, so that they can take pictures of their favorite parts of each day.

A journal is another great way to do this, with space to draw pictures for kids who are too young to write. You can all compile the things you captured into one scrapbook at the end of the trip, a memento that will become more precious with each passing year. You might be surprised to learn what parts of the trip stood out to each family member as worthy of documenting!

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2. Start a vacation tradition

Traditions are a great way to build memories and family culture. Consider starting a vacation tradition that is uniquely representative of what your family loves.

Not sure what your tradition should be? Consider some of these ideas:

  • Buying a puzzle that goes with your destination to work on at the vacation rental between activities
  • Making a new recipe together
  • Tasting all the ice cream you can find in your new destination and ranking your favorites
  • Getting matching family outfits for the trip
  • Hiking to the highest point in your destination
  • Family movie night on your final evening of the trip

3. Plan your itinerary together

As you plan your trip, ask each member of the family what they would like to do. You probably won’t be able to include every idea on your itinerary, but it will help you make sure that every member of the family is enjoying the vacation and feels heard in the planning process. Ask everyone to give you the top three things they would like to do, and see if you can give everyone at least one of their top three.

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4. Try something for the first time

One of the most surefire ways to create lasting memories is trying something new together. In Lake Havasu, there are all kinds of adventures you can experience as a family, like wakeboarding or other water sports, renting off-road vehicles, or exploring the area by kayak. Look for a new adventure that you can all experience, and you may even spark a new family hobby!

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Planning a More Memorable Family Vacation

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