Things to Do in the Winter in Big Bear (That Aren’t Skiing or Snowboarding)

Things to Do in the Winter in Big Bear (That Aren't Skiing or Snowboarding)

Big Bear is the perfect winter getaway from anywhere in Southern California, just a short drive up into the mountains. Big Bear Mountain is a popular choice for anyone who wants to take a ski trip without booking flights or driving all day, but what if you just want to enjoy the wintery mountain landscapes without skiing?

If you want to plan a winter getaway with your partner to Big Bear, we have a list of plenty of fun things to do that aren’t skiing or snowboarding. Start by booking your stay at a cozy, romantic spot. Our luxury vacation rental in Big Bear is the perfect choice.

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Explore the pristine winter landscape by snowshoeing on the many trails around Big Bear Lake. Snowshoe rentals are available, and guided tours can provide a unique perspective on the area’s natural beauty.

Snowshoeing can be a great workout and a perfect way to enjoy views you simply cannot find from the street. If you enjoy photography, you will love the photo ops snowshoeing provides.

Snow Tubing in Big Bear

Want to enjoy the fun and the adrenaline rush of skiing without actually skiing? Experience the thrill of speeding down the snow-covered slopes on a snow tube. Snow tubing parks in Big Bear are the perfect place to tap into your inner child for the day and make the most of your snowy vacation.

Horseback Riding

Take a guided horseback ride through snowy landscapes, enjoying the peaceful winter scenery. Some local stables offer winter horseback riding experiences for all skill levels.

This is both romantic and adventurous, and a fun way to stay warm and dry while exploring the winter landscape.


Another fun way to explore the mountains is snowmobiling. Multiple local outfitters provide snowmobile rentals and guided tours for both beginners and experienced riders. Depending on your threshold for adventure, you might take it easy or get a major adrenaline rush.

Wildlife Viewing

Bundle up and head outside to observe Big Bear’s many native wildlife species. Winter is an excellent time for wildlife enthusiasts to observe animals in their natural habitat. Bring your binoculars and explore the winter habitats of local birds and other wildlife.

Stay In

Remember, you don’t even have to leave your vacation rental to enjoy the winter landscape in Big Bear. Place to stay in at The Love Shack and enjoy your mountain escape without leaving. You can relax in the hot tub, plan a movie marathon,  or try some new board games.

Utilize our concierge service to have groceries delivered and cook a favorite meal or a new recipe together. Curl up together in front of the fireplace and reminisce together or make plans for the future. The privacy and the mountain surroundings are the perfect setting for a cozy getaway.

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