How to Plan a Family Vacation for Multiple Ages

How to Plan a Family Vacation for Multiple Ages

Planning a family vacation can be a major undertaking, especially if you have kids that span a wide age range. Whether you have a large family, a big gap between your kids, or a blended family with lots of interests and ages to consider, you might find that organizing a trip everyone will love is a challenge.

If you are struggling to plan a trip this year that will work for everyone in the family, consider these 5 tips to plan a family vacation that is equally enjoyable for all ages.

1. Choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel

For many reasons, a vacation rental is better for a family with a wide range of ages than a hotel is. One of the biggest drawbacks of staying in a hotel with a wide range of ages happens at bedtime. Little ones need a dark, quiet room and the rest of the family has to sit quietly in the dark until they get tired too.

In a vacation rental, you can give everyone their own space to relax, get enough sleep, and still be together. There are also plenty of ways to have fun without leaving the rental, especially in a place like the Brooklyn Penthouse, which features lawn games, swimming pool, movie theater, game room, and more. Rather than getting dressed and packing up for the day to get out and have fun, relax in the comfort of your own private vacation home for the trip.

2. Divide and conquer

Sometimes there will be activities you or someone in the family really wants to do that simply do not work for the whole family. In these cases, make a plan to divide and conquer, allowing everyone a chance to do what they love.

For example, if dad and some teenagers want to go golfing, maybe mom and the younger kids can order pizza and play by the pool. Remember that the point of family vacation is to relax and connect, and this doesn’t have to mean everyone all together all the time.

3. Enjoy meals at home

Eating meals at your vacation rental is one of the easiest ways to accommodate a wide range of ages for a few reasons:

  • Customize what the menu includes to make sure it works for a range of preferences and needs
  • You can serve little ones earlier and enjoy a meal with the older family members after baby bedtime
  • Avoid the sometimes stressful and chaotic restaurant setting to prioritize more family connection
  • Create treasured memories cooking together within a time crunch

4. Ask everyone for their top 3 things

As you plan your trip itinerary, ask everyone in the family for a list of the top 3 things they would like to do on vacation. You may not be able to guarantee they get to do everything on their list, but you can aim to make sure everyone gets at least one thing they are hoping for.

You may be surprised to find that these lists include simple things like eating a certain meal or spending a day by the pool. It is also likely that more than one person will list the same thing to make planning even simpler.

5. Get outside

One thing nearly all ages can agree on is getting outside. Look for things you can do out in the sunshine, like swimming, hiking, or bike riding. Most of the activities you will enjoy outside can work for a wide range of ages. Look for activities that can accommodate a stroller or baby carrier for the little ones and incorporate some healthy competition for the older kids in the crew, like mini golf.

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